The teaching staff

idee Insieme for Professional Training

The training center thanks to its management team, has built a database of selected teachers among those who have best demonstrated their skills both on the content related to the subjects dealt with, and on the use of the most effective transmission strategies of the content itself.

Each teacher, in fact, follows the model of R.M.Gagné and L.J.Briggs, according to which each teaching unit is addressed

  • Earning the attention of the students;
  • Communicating the didactic objectives to the students;
  • stimulating the memory of knowledge or prerequisite skills;
  • presenting the contents;
  • driving learning;
  • requesting that the performance set as objective is carried out;
  • providing feedback;
  • evaluating the performance;
  • ensuring retention and transfer.

Teachers are supported by the management team:

  • in structuring contents for modules and teaching units;
  • in the production of the classroom material;
  • in the definition of the most effective teaching methodology.

All teachers involved in teaching activities have titles (degree, master, certifications) consistent with the content to be treated, many years of experience in teaching activities, direct experience in the world of work of the subject taught.